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Lunar Candle

Lunar Candle

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Introducing Jainey's latest Moon creation - Lunar Candles. Hand-poured during powerful moon cycles, these candles are infused with the mystical energies of the lunar phases. Undergoing extensive Reiki and poured with the frequency of 210.42hz, Jainey believes they offer an added calming and soothing experience during burning, making them perfect for your lunar rituals.

We recommend burning this powerful candle during the peaks of the New Moon and Full Moon for about 2-3 hours while performing a 'Moon Ritual.' Immerse yourself in the transformative energy of the moon as you set intentions, release negativity, and manifest your desires.

The reenergizing fragrance of 'Fresh Linen' combines orange blossom, cotton flower, and Sandalwood oils, symbolizing a new beginning. Let the refreshing scent uplift your spirits and cleanse your space, creating a sacred atmosphere for your moon rituals.

Nestled at the top of the box, you will find a carved moon created from Howlite Crystal. Jainey recommends holding this crystal during Moon Meditations to enhance your connection with the lunar energy and amplify your intentions.

Illuminate your path with our Lunar Candles and harness the power of the moon to manifest your dreams and intentions.

230g Candle - 45-65 hr burn time

Hand Poured to the soothing vibration of .10.42Hz

Extensive Reiki

Soy Wax

Cotton Wick

Reenergising scent of Fresh Linen  

Genuine Hand Carved Howlite Moon 

Stunning Gift Box

Free 'Connect to the Moon Meditation' (You will be sent a link to access).

Top Notes: Orange Blossom, Cotton Flower

Middle : Fresh grass, Lemon

Base: Sandalwood 

For information on Moon Rituals see the Blog Page


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Pamela Shaw
Refreshing Scent

The scent of this candle is gorgeous, fresh linen fragrance, when it’s burning its scent covers the whole house downstairs. Have bought quite a few of these.

margaret mc donald
Lunar candle

Loved that the carved moon wasn't in the wax and nestled sadly in box loved my two candles I got never disappointed with jaineys candles

Jan Roberts
Luna - The Scent is so beautiful

I adore this candle that I bought 5 of these - the scent again is utterly divine , the candelabra is simple but it works so well in my house which is grey and black and stainless steel and the added bonus of a white howlite gem stone but it’s not just a gemstone Jainey is so inspirational what you get is a replica of the moon . Highly recommend all of Jainey’s candles

Emma Stallon Ashbridge
Amazing scent with a bonus Howlite moon

This candle smells lovely. Not too strong but enough to fill the room while using Jaineys meditation that comes with the candle. The Howlite moon is very tactile to hold during the meditation and I display it on my bedside table in between full moons.